Welcome to Funko Field, home of the Everett AquaSox!

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Big news for Frog fans as their Everett AquaSox get a new partner—Funko. A 6-year sponsorship will see the AquaSox play at Funko Field at Everett Memorial Stadium. The AquaSox are now partners with perhaps the most talked about toy franchise in recent memory. The Everett based Funko sells pop culture action figures, everything from Captain Marvel to John Cena.

Behind Boeing, there is no more important globally recognized business in Everett. With revenue streams in excess of $800 million, they are a force to be reckoned with and if you are a local to the Everett area, a company to be prideful of. As the AquaSox celebrate their 35th year of existence (25th as a Seattle Mariner affiliate), this elevates the Frog brand and the status of Everett area baseball as a whole.

“Funko has been a prominent fixture in the community since moving to downtown Everett. Our commitment to the community and our employees has never wavered,” said Brian Mariotti, Chief Executive Officer of Funko. “This partnership is a terrific opportunity to further engage with our fans and neighbors by cheering on the home team together.”

Fans will benefit the most out of this partnership as the AquaSox announced that Fridays will be “Funko Fridays.” A new promotion to go along with all their other famous promotions (like fireworks, Star Wars, classic car nights, and more.” Funko will have statues, banners, and signage, but what fans are really looking for are those sweet, sweet promotional giveaways. The AquaSox always thrill and delight fans with innovative and wacky gimmicks – we can only imagine what Fridays are going to look like going forward.

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