Welcome Back Mariners!

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The air is heavy with anticipation as the sun rises over the freshly cut grass to the sounds of baseball. That’s right; Spring Training is in the air! The Mariners have gathered at their facility in Peoria, AZ and begun the arduous task of getting prepared for the coming season.
As players begin their routines of getting in shape and form for baseball season, the writers of Seattle Side Up would like to do the same for you. We’re bringing you a player bio once a day, all the way up to Opening Day. Not only will you get a chance to learn more about the players you know and love, but you’ll meet some fresh new faces as well.
In addition to these “Get to know your Seattle Mariners!” biographies, we will be rolling out several other features to keep an eye out for. We have a lineup of regular contributors that will be providing a whole range of interesting Baseball related content.

  • Matt Paige – the Baseball Managing Editor for SSU, and will be writing regularly on all manner of topics. From the hottest prospects on the Farm to the latest news or potential transactions, I have the unique distinction of being accused of being too optimistic and too pessimistic at the same time.
  • Aarron Kemp – our resident fantasy expert and will be providing all sorts of advice on how to get ready for that cruel mistress, Fantasy Baseball.
  • Tony Peters – will be launching his regular devil’s advocate-style article, providing a different view on Mariners and baseball related issues.
  • Rich Michelson – will be providing weekly roundups and previews of the opponents and potential pitching match-ups to come.
  • Brent Goodwine – will be the SSU Utility Player, providing features and news whenever it comes.
  • Abraham Deweese – Our Editor-in-Chief will be providing articles from time to time as well. He will probably be contributing when he feels I have gone off the deep end in optimism.

Together we are all looking forward to what is sure to be an exciting season for baseball in Seattle. Go Mariners!

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