Washington Huskies: Danny Shelton goes #12 to the Cleveland Browns in the 1st Round

shelton6’2″ 339lb defensive tackle Danny Shelton was picked by the Cleveland Browns with the 12th pick in the NFL Draft.

Wearing his native Samoan sarong, the University of Washington standout and All-American celebrated his selection with a bear hug on Roger Godell.


”It was a little bit planned,” said Shelton, who played at Washington. ”But it was an exciting time, so I had to do it.”

–Danny Shelton
Rather than mortgage their future fora quarterback, the Browns stayed pat and picked Shelton and offensive lineman Cameron Erving. 
”I know these aren’t the two sexiest picks when you’re taking guys who aren’t skill players,” Browns coach Mike Pettine said. ”We prefer to call them big-skill guys. But we’re thrilled because we know with a great degree of certainty that the Cleveland Browns got better today.”
SSU’s Take
The picks may not be sexy, but the game of football is won in the trenches and the Browns  just got a whole lot better.   Danny Shelton is the space eater that every NFL team strives to have regardless of 4-3, 3-4 scheme.   Danny will force double teams allowing linebackers to shoot gaps on run plays.
Additionally, Danny will collapse a pocket preventing draw plays and QBs from stepping up in the pocket.   Dany will be used as an every down player and succeed at a high level in this league.


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