Thybulle drops 18 as Huskies beat down Cougars 80-62
photo credit: Joshua Bessex

Thybulle drops 18 as Huskies beat down Cougars 80-62

Mattise Thybulle and freshman Jaylen Nowell powered the University of Washington took out the Washington State Cougars by a score of 80-62. Thybulle scored 18 and Nowell added 14 points and 9 rebounds to destroy WSU this Sunday.

UW had an 18-0 run just after halftime to roll to a 45-30 lead. However, WSU came back with a 14-4 run to pull within 5. But that would be as close as they would get from then on as UW would get their 15th win on the season and up their Pac-12 record to 5-3.

The Cougars had been 2nd in the nation with 11.9 3 pointers per day. The Husky 2-3 zone defense would shut down WSU keeping them to just 6-24 while also forcing 15 turnovers.

The hope has returned to the Husky fanbase as whispers of a return to the NCAA Tournament, the first since the 2011 team lead by Isiah Thomas and Terrance Ross. With the return of hope, so have come the crowds.

“The most gratifying thing was to see all the fans coming back, ” said Thybulle in a post-game news conference. “It’s been more than a couple years since we’ve had sell-out games and a consistently high turnout. If we can keep having that, then our season will keep getting stronger.”

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