The Goalie and the Sieve – Silvertips lose 2 on the road

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The Goalie and the Sieve – Silvertips lose 2 on the road.

Call it fatigue. Call it too many injuries or too much pink during our last home game. Call it whatever you will but don’t call it Silvertip’s hockey. Last week, an electrified home field advantage and an arena decked out in more pink than forest green catapulted the Tips to its 4th win in a row against a Thunderbird goalie that didn’t look ready to play. This week is another story as the Silvertips have lost their last 2 games on the road.

While Hockey is most definitely a team sport, one man on the ice can make or break a team more so than any other…the man in the back.

This is the tale of the Goalie and the Sieve

I already mentioned a Thunderbird still asleep last Sunday for the Pink the Rink exhibition match between Everett and Seattle. He could have been hit in the breadbasket and still missed a biscuit. He is the poor lad I refer to as the “sieve.” His stone mitts did him no justice but helped give Everett its 8th win on the season.

On Tuesday night,the Chiefs ended a 3 game losing streak to knock the Silvertips down a peg in a 2-1 contest controlled primarily by Spokane’s goalie. With 27 shots on goal the Silvertips were barely able to score one goal when Bajkov (#8) slid one past with the help of Zerger (#96) and Dewar (#43) with 16 minutes to go in the 2nd. Other than that one goal, nothing was getting into the net for the Silvertips due to the outstanding defense of the Chief’s goalie Weatherill (#37).

What can be said about Wednesday night’s performance when the Silvertips lost to Kelowna on the road? The Silvertips pulled out all the stops to come from two points down late in the game to tie it up 3-3 and force overtime but fell short. A two game losing skid on the road for a team that came into this stretch sitting atop the U.S. division with 8 wins.

Carter Hart back in goal. (image courtesy of
Why was Carter Hart pulled? (image courtesy of

Where does the blame lie? To begin with the stripes must have been related to a certain Super bowl officiating squad from the Seahawk’s Matt Hasselback days based on some of the calls (and lack thereof) in favor of the opposing team. Were we playing Pittsburg again? In all seriousness though, I don’t want to be that guy to blame the refs. So let’s pretend it was an unbiased and fairly even officiating performance by the zebras. So what was it?

Could it be that our own goalkeeper was leaking like a sieve (0-2 at the end of the first period) which forced him to the bench or is Hart (#70) hurt (based on early reports he was just pulled, not injured)? Wednesday’s game was an uphill battle and a great comeback effort by the Silvertips.

The injuries are quickly adding up and we are playing with a very depleted offense but thankfully the Silvertips come home after Saturday’s match against the Victoria Royals. Then they have 6 days to rest until their next home game on Thursday the 27th.

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