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Super Bowl XLIX: Staff Predictions

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The big game is here again, Super Bowl XLIX (49) is about to kickoff. Everyone’s got an opinion and the Seattle Side Up Staff have provided ours below. Be warned…Not everyone is picking Seattle to win.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Seattle Seahawks Helmet

Seahawks – 34 Patriots – 24

Seahawks go back-to-back! No I don’t expect a repeat of last year’s Super Bowl against Denver where the Broncos didn’t even have a fair chance, but, I do expect a close game…for a half. Then Seattle does what Seattle does in the second half and Brady fails to pull-off the win. Kevin SK 
New England Patriot Helmet

Seahawks – 14 Patriots – 16

Patriots win low scoring game: This is a tough one for me, as I think it will be quite close. I have very serious valid questions about our play calling on the offensive side of the ball. The lack of pressure placed on the opposing QB also has me concerned. Look for our offense to struggle to get points on the board, and our defense to hold New England to a lot of field goals. In the end, I expect the experience of Tom Brady to assert itself and ultimately win the game.. Matt Paige
New England Patriot Helmet

Seahawks – 13 Patriots – 14

Pats just a bit better: A defensive affair and the Patriots finish the game with just one more point than the Seahawks. Abraham DeWeese

Seattle Seahawks Helmet

Seahawks – 29 Patriots – 16

Seahawks win easily: The Patriots and Tom Brady are no match for the defending champions. Rich Michelson
Seattle Seahawks Helmet

Seahawks – 37 Patriots – 27

Seattle beats New England: A closer game than many expect but in the end, a big enough lead to win for Seattle. Aarron Kemp
Seattle Seahawks Helmet

Seahawks – 27 Patriots – 23

Back-to-Back: A tough fought game ends with the Seattle defense and running game saving the day. Brent Goodwine
Seattle Seahawks Helmet

Seahawks – 24 Patriots – 13

Seahawks win, go back-to-back: Once again, our Seahawks are best in the world earning the victory in Super Bowl XLIX. Brett Masker
Seattle Seahawks Helmet

Seahawks – 24 Patriots – 17

Seattle covers spread: A back and forth defensive battle leads to another Seahawks’ victory! Sanju


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