Sounders FC 0 Sporting Kansas City 0: Sounders Dominate Possession, but Not the Game
Seattle's Best Chance
Seattle’s Best Chance


It was ninety minutes of frustration and missed opportunities; frustration was on full display for both sides. On a night that the Sounders dominated the ball with over 64% of possession for the evening, yet only generated 1 shot on target in 90 minutes. Perhaps the last few weeks of possession football have caused the Sounders offense to lose sight of what their identity truly is. A marauding, aggressive, attacking, counter-attacking menace to opposing defenses.


A huge opportunity missed

Sporting KC was missing 7 starters from their lineup. Seattle was missing 1. Unfortunately it was Seattle’s most valuable play, Obafemi Martins. Clint Dempsey is the best player the Sounder have, Brad Evans the passionate, but Martins is the player that everyone in the league fears. He is the one that draws the quadruple-team and is the one that causes the opponents defense fits and their manager to have nightmares. How can a team so talented only generate 1 shot on target throughout the whole night? Well it was one of those nights.


Sporting KC was not the lame duck I thought that they would be

Earlier this week I called out Kansas City, and said that they wilted under pressure from quality teams. Well today they had the better executed strategy and they looked confident and composed. Benny Feilhaber, and Krisztian Nemeth were both full of creativity and shot making. Feilhaber had a fantastic strike parried by Seattle goalkeeper Stefan Frey in the closing minutes. It was a beautiful strike, and a equally beautiful save. It could well win Save of the Week.


Possession is good, shots are better

While holding a lead or waiting for the defense to make a mistake holding possession in soccer is great… except when it causes you to ruin your identity that you have developed offensively the past 3 years. Possession can lead to shots and goals, but only if the team has either the creativity or the aggression to generate chances. Tonight I did not see any aggression or sufficient support from the starting midfielders, other than the two subs, Andy Rose and Christian Roldan.


Man of the match

Stefan Frei saved the day on the 3 shots that he had to defend. He was the best of a mediocre lot tonight. Check out his save versus Feilhaber. It was truly one of the reasons that I am a soccer fan.


Next Side Up: Colorado visits Centurylink field in 3 days on Wednesday night vs. Colorado Rapids at 7:00pm. Broadcast: JOEtv, KIRO Radio 97.3 FM, El Rey 1360 AM, MLS Live


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