Sounders draft Air Force Academy’s Tucker Bone

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The Seattle Sounders selected Air Force Academy’s Tucker Bone in the MLS Super Draft on Friday night. Yes, Tucker Bone. The attacking midfielder was born in Tacoma and has had the eye of the Rave Green for a while. What makes his selection a bit tricky that the as Bone is in the military, he is required to engage in mandatory military service.

Luckily, the service academies have a program called the “World Class Athlete Program (WCAP) that allows top athletes to play in professional sport or the Olympics while technically still serving in the military—think David Robison for the San Antonio Spurs who was in the Navy but was allowed an exception to play in the NBA.

“Right now, that’s my only avenue,” Bone said over the phone Thursday, while waiting for Friday’s MLS SuperDraft in Chicago. “I’ve got a few options on the board where I can’t see the WCAP program not working out.”

The midfielder led his Falcon team to the NCAA Sweet 16 just narrowly losing to Indiana. Bone was a 2x All-American and WAC Player of the Year. After participating in the MLS combine, Bone amazed scouts with a 3.98 agility time—2nd among all participates.

The Sounders still await the Air Force’s decision if he is eligible for WCAP, but if he is, he will be available to the Sounders after he graduates in May.


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