Seattle Seahawks: The Rook Report Week 3

lokcettWelcome to the 2015 Rook Report; this is a quick analysis of the rookies that we saw in the Seahawks’ preseason game versus the San Diego Chargers.

This analysis only includes true rookies and it is the 3rd in a 4 part series extending through the preseason (previous reports are also available against the Broncos and Chiefs).  This list does not comprise all rookies, but rather the ones who made impressions on the SSU staff during the game.

The impact of rookies may be nominal in the 1st season of play; however, this is our first look to see what the minds of head coach Pete Carroll and GM Dan Schneider put together in 2015.

Tyler Lockett: Wide Receiver, Kansas State

Yet again, Lockett has a starring role in a preseason game. Tyler started off slow with a touchback and a fair catch. But in 2nd quarter, Lockett returned a punt 67 yards to the house to put the Seahawks up 7-6. Tyler is going to give opposing teams fits all season long.

Tyler also had 1 reception (10 yards) on 2 targets.  We did see another occasion when a bigger cornerback beat Lockett to a poorly thrown ball.  An adjustment to move Lockett inside should be the fix to this issue.

Kasen Williams: Wide Receiver, Washington

We only saw 1 target, but it was a goodie.  Kasen pulled in a 22 yard strike for a 1st down. Coaches have been high on Kasen, but the former Husky hasn’t seen much thrown his way.

Rod Smith: Running Back, Ohio St.

Smith got 2 carries for 11 yards; week after week he out produces Rawls, but Rod does not seem to get the carries that Rawls gets, and it boggles my mind. With a possible addition of Fred Jackson, one wonders if the coaches are looking elsewhere.

Thomas Rawls: Running Back, Central Michigan

Rawls got some good looks; he carried 6 times for 20 yards as well as one catch for 7 yards.  As with Rod Smith, perhaps the addition of Fred Jackson is indicative that coaches are not happy with the production of the backups.

Mark Glowinski: Guard, West Virginia

Much better production by the rookie offensive linemen in the passing game.  There were fewer sacks (2) and pressures than there were against the Chiefs and Broncos.

Jesse Davis: Tackle, Idaho

I did not see Davis get much of a chance during the game, and with his release on Monday, it is possible the Coaching staff already had their mind made up.

Terry Poole: Tackle, San Jose State

I am a bit more impressed with Terry Poole who has been getting a try out at left tackle. He also lined up as a tackle eligible on a short yardage run play.  There may be a home for Poole whereas it looks like the practice squad for the other linemen.

Frank Clark: Defensive End, Michigan

What is there to say other than Pete Carroll and Dan Schneider struck gold. In the second quarter, we saw Clark lineup everywhere on the defensive line, including at defensive tackle where he blew up the center to allow his compatriots to sack Phillip Rivers.

Clark has a mean streak as we saw him and a Charger offensive lineman get into it–the lineman got flagged for retaliation. Though only collecting 2 tackles, Clark was in the backfield all day long.

T.Y. McGill: Defensive Tackle, North Carolina State

After two pretty good games, McGill showed flashes of brilliance but only 1 tackle.  There was one run play that he single-handedly blew up reminiscent to a Brandon Mebane.

I had really been impressed with T.Y. in the first 2 games of preseason.  I was hoping to hear his name more during the Charger game.  McGill could get on the squad with a stellar performance against Oakland.

Quayshawn Nealy: LB, Georgia Tech

Nealy got the chance to prove himself this preseason but with just 1 tackle, has not proved himself against the other rookie linebackers on this list.

Alex Singleton: LB, Montana St.

The Singleton story has been nice, but he pulled a disappearing act against the Chargers with only 1 tackle.  I expect to see him on the practice squad at best.

Tyrell Adams: LB, West Georgia

We got another good look at Adams this week.  With 3 tackles and an interception, he has charged to the head of the class for rookie linebackers.  If he doesn’t make the team, practice squad is likely for this un-drafted rookie.

Tye Smith: Cornerback, Towson

Smith is a DB who I have been very excited about, based on his production in the first two games.  I didn’t hear his name called much which may be indicative of Tye doing his job.

Expect Tye to get a hefty workload against the Raiders to prove his mettle.  I like Smith to make this team.

Ronald Martin: Safety, LSU

I did not see much of Martin as the focus seemed to be more on getting Deshawn Shead and Dion Bailey at the Strong Safety role.

Ty Zimmerman: Safety, Oregon St.

Ty did not see much of the field and failed to register any stats.  He has been since released on Monday.

Kennan Lambert: Safety, Norfolk St.

Similar to Martin, we didn’t get to see much of Lambert, I saw him deflect a pass play, but he was quiet for much of the game. Perhaps there will be a show down between Lambert and Martin for a practice squad spot against the Raiders.

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