Seattle Seahawks: Rook report week 3

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Ugo Amadi  #28                FS           5-9          201         22           R             Oregon

The Seahawks know exactly what they have in Amadi close to halftime. He had 2 punt returns as he battles WR David Moore for the punt return job. While he didn’t have as good of a week as week 1, expect Amadi and Moore to continue to battle for this position as Tyler Lockett will be featured more as the #1 WR.

We saw Amadi a couple times on defense, but this week, the nickelback position was for Deshawn Shead’s audition for the role. At worst Amadi will be a special teams star as a gunner as evidenced by a  bone crunching on punt coverage. Expect Amadi to be brought along slowly in the DB rotation though as Pete Carroll and co. evaluate others.


Cody Barton #57              LB           6-2          237         22           R             Utah

For the 2nd week in a row, Barton got the start over Bobby Wagner—no he isnt taking Wagner’s job; however, he is earning a serious evaluation for his toughness and leadership skills. The good news is that he is passing with flying colors on that front.

He compiled 5 tackles however, a couple times he was out of position again. Chalk that up to rookie learning curve as well, for the couple longer runs that the Vikings had, the Hawks only allowed 137 yards on 39 carries. That is only 3.5 yards per carry and typically the middle linebacker on a team gets the credit for these type of results.  So far so good for Barton, he will make the team as Wagner’s backup and primed to be a starter in a year or two.

Marquise Blair #27          SS           6-1          196         22           R             Utah

The explosive talents of Blair will see the bench for the remainder of the preseason. Well on his way to earning the backup strong safety spot, Blair had to be carted off the field due to a back injury. Could this compounded with his hamstring injury earlier mean he will be prone to injury? There were concerns about his small frame not being able to hold up; hopefully, he recovers soon so he can see the field in 2019.

Ben Burr-Kirven #55       LB           6-0          230         21           R             Washington

The Seahawks got a good long look at BBK on Sunday against the Vikings. He looked very strong lining up at the middle position and had 5 tackles on the day. The question is did he do enough to outshine other players on special teams? I did not see much of him as far as making plays there. BBK is on the bubble and could use a few more stand out moments.

L.J. Collier #95   DE           6-2          291         23           R             TCU

The Hawks have been vague about the return of their #1 draft pick in Collier.  LJ is no longer in a boot but still hasn’t seen the practice field. As the pass rush was virtually non-existent on Sunday, the hope is that he will make it back by week 1. The problem is, how much should we expect to lean on a rookie who missed training camp?

Jazz Ferguson #87            WR         6-5          228         22           R             Northwestern State

As brilliant as Jazz was against the Broncos, he had a miserable game on Sunday. The hype boiled down as we saw him get 7 targets but only catch the ball twice. Additionally, he had a fumble that luckily was recovered by the good guys. He will have to work hard as making this team is not a guarantee.


Jackson Harris #47           TE           6-5          251         N/A        R             Georgia

The former Bulldog didn’t get any looks in the passing game, but he did have a key recovery of Ferguson’s fumble. With al the injuries to the TE corps, the Hawks are giving him a good look on run plays. We are curious when we get to see him add to his catch total though.

Travis Homer #25             RB           5-10       202         21           R             Miami

Finally, we got to see the running back who I have been excited to see. Out last week due to a quadriceps injury he got 6 carries for 16 yards—most of which came on a 9 yard gain. There was one target his way in the air, but it missed its mark. The Vikings were particularly stingy on run defense and hopefully we get to see more from the former Hurricane next week.

Gary Jennings #11           WR         6-1          216         22           R             West Virginia

It is a bit curious that for the 2nd week in a row, Jennings wasn’t highlighted. The 4th rounder was my odds on favorite to win a starting role. While he has played significant downs, he isnt getting the targets his way. Is that a matter of him not getting open or the Seahawks preferring to see what they have in the likes of Jazz, Metcalf, Brown, and Usua?


Jawuan Johnson #46      LB           5-11       224         23           R             TCU

With the absolutely stacked linebacker roster, Jawuan decided to make a name for himself collecting 3 nice tackles. There is only 1 LB spot up for grabs and it is between Jawuan, Juwon Young, and BBK. Keep your eye on the 3 as to who makes the most plays. With a strong work ethic and can do attitude, there are also practice squad spots to be had as well.

DK Metcalf #14 WR         6-4          229         21           R             Ole Miss

It turns out the hype train has multiple cars. As Jazz Ferguson failed to impress on the field, DK Metcalf will need knee surgery. The injury will land him on the IR and it could be a couple months before we hear from him again.

Bryan Mone #79               DT           6-3          366         23           R             Michigan

The former Wolverine was the darkhorse candidate of this offseason until the Viking game came about. With plenty of playing time, we only got to see 1 tackle and from there he was pretty quiet. The loss of Jarran Reed  came with a golden opportunity and after week 1 with his 3 tackle performance including one behind the line of scrimmage, many were focused on Mone as a breakout star. There are two more weeks and Mone still has a shot to impress. Can he do it?

Jay-Tee Tiuli #61               DT           6-3          340         23           R             Eastern Washington

Jay-Tee got some significant looks on Sunday and registered his first tackle. As mentioned above, the absence of Jarren Reed will give opportunities for those DT’s who are hungry and talented. The Big Sky Defensive Player of the Year is in the mix with Mone, Jaime Meter, Al Woods, and Earl Mitchell for a spot behind Quentin Jefferson and Poona Ford. There are presumably 2 spots available while Reed serves a 6 month suspension.

Xavier Turner #41            RB           5-10       226         24           R             Tarleton State

Xavier still seems to be hanging around. Getting the lion’s share of the carries in week 1, he managed just 2 attempts although they were for 13 yards. While it has been assumed that the RB camp is set, there is room for someone to come in here and impress and take the final RB spot from the likes of a Travis Homer or JD Mckessic. The problem is that he needs more carries, which I doubt he is going to get going forwards.

John Ursua #15 WR         5-9          182         25           R             Hawaii

On 2 targets, Ursua caught 1 for 25 yards. His hands and route running are much further along than where a rookie should be. While Jennings, DK, and Jazz get all the hype, this diminutive Rainbow Warrior just may sneak a job out from under everyone’s noses.

“Very natural football player,” OC Brian Schottenheimer commented on Tuesday. “Very natural. Definitely fits more of that slot role, I mean he’s very comfortable in there, he understands how you find voids and how to get open.”


Terry Wright #9 WR         5-10       177         22           R             Purdue

Wright got a few looks in week 1, but only got the one target on Sunday. Most assuredly, he is a camp hand playing for a practice squad spot. Injuries not-withstanding, there wont be much room for him on the roster.

Juwon Young #48             LB           6-2          250         21           R             Marshall

Brought in earlier last week, we had hoped to see the Thundering Herd standout. Unfortunately, he looks to be lost in the shuffle as BBK and Jawuan battled for the final LB position.

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