Seattle Seahawks – 16 San Diego Chargers – 15 : Steve Haushka kicks a 60 yarder to a one point win

hawksSeattle Seahawks traveled to the San Diego to face the Chargers in the 3rd preseason game of the season.  On the legs of Punt Returner Tyler Lockett and the foot of Kicker Steve Haushcka, the Hawks pull off the preseason victory 16-15.

1st Quarter

The series opened with a couple looks to Marshawn Lynch and though the series featured a 3 and out, it was good 1st look for the 12s for Beast-Mode in 2015.

Linebacker Kevin Pierre Louis was all over the field scoring four tackles including an extra ordinary tackle on punt coverage. Boy is this guy is fast!.

The Chargers first drive saw (similar to last year) Phillip Rivers carve up the Hawks Defense on short crossing patterns and check-downs. We saw the Patriots effectively use this tactic work in the Super Bowl; one has to wonder if this is cause for concern.

A comedic sack saw Russell Wilson throw left-handed created an intentional grounding penalty.  Hopefully, Wilson gets the sillies out as this will undoubtedly hurt us in real game scenarios.

2nd Quarter

In the 2nd back-to-back Rookie action amazed and excited the 12s.  Frank Clark out of the University of Michigan lined up at center and bullied the Charger center to sack Philip Rivers in 3rd down.

Then on 4th down, Kansas State’s Tyler Lockett returns the punt for 67 yards and a TD.  The electrifying run back by Lockett and Clark’s sack prove that GM Dan Schinder and Coach Pete Carroll have one up on everyone else in the league.

3rd Quarter

28 yard run by Christine Michel setup a field goal.  It was a shame that his nimble feet were not called upon again to punch it in for a touchdown.

The tide turned however, as a broken play at the end of the 3rd resulted in an 70 yard scamper by the Chargers Brandon Oliver.  Followed by a field goal the San Diego took the lead.

4th Quarter

Steve Haushcka had missed short on a 58 yarder previously, but redeemed himself at the end of the game booting the game winner from 60 yards out.

SSU’s Take

It is hard to get a read on this game; the Hawks just looked flat-out lethargic.  Ultimately, they pulled out the win, but I was hoping to see a lot more from center Drew Nowak and tightend Jimmy Grahm.  As well, Russell Wilson made several poor decisions.  We hope he gets all of this out of his system in time for the regular season.   Mistakes like that will cost us when the games count.

An otherwise forgettable preseason game was made exciting by Lockett and Haushcka, and I cant wait.

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SSU Man of the Game

It was hard to choose between Haushcka and Lockett, but tonight, we give it to Steve Hauschka with the personal best 60 yard field goal to win the game.

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