Seattle Seahawks: 12 expected cuts and a one big suprise

lemuel_jeanpierre_1Well after the third game for the Seahawks in an inordinately long NFL preseason, has finally seen the first round of cuts.

The following defensive players were waived:

  • CB George Farmer
  • CB Keelan Johnson
  • LB Quayshawn Nealy
  • SS Ty Zimmerman
  • DE Greg Scruggs
  • CB Triston Wade (waived / injured)
  • and DT D’Anthony Smith (outright released)

The following offensive players were waived:

  • OT Jesse Davis
  • CB George Farmer
  • WR Deshon Foxx
  • WR Deontay Greenberry
  • FB Brandon Cottom (waived/injured)
  • and surprisingly Center Lemuel Jeanpierre 

Last year, Lemuel Jeanpierre started 3 games (playing in 6 total games).   He was expected to be the starter at center, but in summer camp lost his job to former defensive lineman Drew Nowak.

Also of note, WR Kevin Norwood was traded to Carolina.

SSU’s Take 

We were taken aback when at the converted defensive lineman Drew Nowak was placed at the center position in the preseason opener.  Many (including myself) thought that perhaps injuries to Patrick Lewis and/or Jeanpierre necessitated the change at center; all we had been hearing is the job was up for grabs between Lewis and Jeanpierre.

Well, the job was up for grabs alright, and the offensive line coach Tom Cable, apparently went unconventional yet again and released Lemuel Jeanpierre in favor of youth with Nowak.  This team has always done things a little bit different and we give them the benefit of the doubt as the personal decisions have so far lead to two Super Bowl appearances.  Though with eyebrows raised, we will wait and see what happens with Drew Nowak at center.

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