Seattle Seahawk legend Chuck Knox passes away

Seattle Seahawk legend Chuck Knox passes away

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Legendary Seahawks head coach Chuck Knox passed away on Sunday at the age of 86. Ground Chuck was a hard-nosed blue-collar general of the 1980s Seahawks squads that were known for tough defense and ground game. This old school philosophies carried teams the Bills, Rams, and Seahawks all to playoff victories–the only head coach to do so.

Debuting in 1983 for the Seahawks, he helped the team to their 1st playoff appearance ever and was able to take them within a hair’s breath of the Super Bowl. His 80 wins are just ahead of Pete Carroll (79) and 2nd only to Mike Holmgren at 86.

Ground Chuck was a 3x NFL coach of the year, compiled a 186 and 147 lifetime record in the NFL, and has his name in the Seahawks Ring of Honor. Before he arrived at Seattle he guided the Rams to 5 straight division titles and earned the Bills a division title in 1980. In 1988, he would earn his last division title, this time the AFC west with the Seahawks.

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