Seahawks take a flyer on WR Brandon Marshall

Seahawks take a flyer on WR Brandon Marshall

Photo credit: John Munson

The Seattle Seahawks came to a 1 year deal with Brandon Marshall. The 34 year old has been on several different teams throughout his career, including stops at Denver, Miami, Chicago, and both New York teams. Marshall had just been released from the Giants and has been looking to rebound after a season plagued by injury.

Marshall has had 6 one-hundred catch seasons (NFL record), and 8 thousand yard season (with 4 different teams). Marshal is #16 all time with 959 catches and #23 all-time in receiving yards with 12,215. Marshall has been a 6x Pro Bowler and 2x All-Pro in his 12 year career.

SSU’s take

At 6’5, Marshall gives Russell Wilson a big target in the red zone providing a presence missing with the departure of Jimmy Graham. Marshall is a borderline hall-of-famer and has seen it all. He may no longer have the straight-line speed anymore to break away, but he won’t be asked to do that. Rather he will be asked to win 1:1 balls against smaller defensive backs. He has made a career out of it, and if the ankle is healed, this is an incredible pickup for the Hawks.

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