Seahawks sign some under the radar picks

Seahawks sign some under the radar picks

The Seattle Seahawks had a mini-fire sale this year getting rid of beloved veterans with large contracts in attempts to acquire a healthy salary cap for the future. The Seahawks did not stand pat this offseason, in fact they made a flurry of signings just this last week.

The Hawks, as they do, went against the grain and picked up some lesser known but useful veterans to fill in some of the holes on this team.

D.J. FlukerSee the source image

To say that the Seahawks were bad at running is an understatement–they were abominable. The Hawks fired offensive line coach Tom Cable and brought in Mike Solari from New York. In addition, the Hawks signed a former player of his in T.J Fluker

Fluker is a former Alabama Crimson tide standout and a mainstay on the New York Giants offensive line. Fluker was a beast in the run game. The Giants o-line averaged 112 yards in games that he played and just 85 in games he did not.

“(The Seahawks) just said they needed a mauler, a guy that’s going to get it done,” Fluker said during a Friday appearance on “The John Clayton Show” on KIRO-AM in Seattle. “Fourth-and-one, the guy they want to run behind is D.J. Fluker. And I was just like, ‘You know what? I can be that guy for you.’

There are holes in Fluker’s game, especially in the passing game; however, QB Russell Wilson’s mobility will offset those flaws. And a solid blocker who can drive block and add 25 yards per game on the ground has a lot of value for the Hawks.

Ed DicksonSee the source image

Ed Dickson is exactly the tight end that the Seahawks have needed for years. Dickson is not intended to replace Jimmy Graham nor will he replace Luke Willson. That is because he will block and block with impunity. Dickson had 30 catches and a touch down, so you can only expect 2 catches per game from him; however, he will steam roll the opponents in the running game.

You can see where the Seahawks are going with this, they are getting grunts who want to brawl to replace the aging “skill” players. Dixon will not be called on a lot, but the 12s will notice his impact soon. Dixon will have a home after his years of wandering from Baltimore and Carolina.

Jaron Browna group of baseball players playing a football game: USA TODAY

Brown is a former undrafted FA who joined the Baltimore Ravens back in 2013. He is a 4.40 speed guy from Oregon. After stints in Carolina and recently Arizona he has come to make a name for himself as a steady wide receiver.

Last year, he had 31 catches and 477 yards. He should serve as a much cheaper option for the formally released speedster in Paul Richardson.


Shamar Stephen

The 27 year old former Minnesota Viking comes to the Seahawks the same week that Sheldon Richardson was singed by the purple gang. Shamar spent 4 years in Minnesotaa group of baseball players playing a football game

the 6-foot-5, 310-pound Stephen has logged 93 tackles and a sack over the last four years in the league, including a career-high 39 tackles during 2016. He is looked to as a cheap option to help in the rotation with Jarran Reed and Naz Jones next year.

Tom Johnson

Tom agreed to a 1 year contract to help shore up the defensive line. Tom joins Shamar Stephen and Barkavious Mingo as veteran replacements for expensive and aging stars in Cliff Avril, Sheldon Richardson, and Michael Bennett.

The 33 year old also comes from the Vikings and had 32 tackles and 2 sacks last year. He played a career high of 70% of the snaps and similar to the others on this list has had several stops around the world. Tom has seen the Arena League, NFL Europe, and the Canadian Football League.

While not a sexy signing, the Hawks intend to use sheer numbers of signings to see who might stick.

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