Seahawks sign former 1st rounder Paxton Lynch as backup QB, reasons not to get excited

Selected by the Denver Broncos with the 26th pick in the 1st round, Memphis Tiger Paxton Lynch came into he NFL with a bunch of fanfare. Just 2 short years later he was released and subsequently picked up by the Seattle Seahawks. Lynch will come to Seattle to presumable battle it out with potential free agent Brett Hundley for the stable position of holding a clipboard for Russell Wilson.

Lynch failed to impress in Denver as he was pushed down the depth charts behind (how do I put this nicely?) average to below average QBs such as Trevor Simian, Brock Osweiler, and Case Keenum. The 6’7 Texan looks the part with a good arm and size. At Memphis, he had highly efficient, back-to-back 3,000 yard seasons and an AAC title. However, none of this college success translated to the NFL.

With the Denver Broncos, Lynch showed a very poor work ethic that saw him as the anti-thesis of Russell Wilson. Where as Russ is the diligent, nose in the book, 1st to show up and last to leave example of a leader, Lynch was notoriously less serious about his craft.

“I talked to some guys in Denver; they’re having a problem with Paxton Lynch right now because they can’t get him to buy into the things like Dak Prescott bought in, where early in late out, that kind of thing.”– writer Ryan Broaddus

Granted this could be a case of a writer trying to build the Dak Prescott propaganda, but there is smoke and based on Lynch’s career stats, cause for concern. With a 76 QB rating with 792 yards and 4 touchdowns, one wonders why was he a 1st round pick?

The Seahawks obviously see nothing interesting in their current backups and the backup QB position for the Hawks is merely a clipboard holder. This is just a signing to push the existing backups—I other words don’t get too excited about this pickup.

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