Seahawks may luck out with schedule

This is a reality check just over a 1/4 way through the season. I had been the one that pragmatically announced a 7-9 record. And I have been proven correct in losses to Denver, Chicago, and LA. I am however a bit more optimistic as we have seen the waning of power across the Seahawks schedule.

To quote Denny Green, the Seahawks are who we thought they were. They are not a very good defense with Russell Wilson and happily a running game to buoy the team and hide some of their deficiencies.

While the 2-3 record speak to a sub-.500 season, we are starting to see some terrible teams pop up on their schedule.

This weekend, in London, an absolutely miserable Oakland Raiders team seems to not respond to John Gruden’s call. Losing Khalil Mack seems to have ruined this team. It is possible that a vengeful Beast-Mode (Marshawn Lynch) would love to ruin the Seahawk’s London Calling–but all the experts are picking a Hawks win. And if the Hawks run the ball like they did against the Rams, they should do so.

The Detroit Lions are also a mess and with a game against them coming off a bye, the Hawks could see a 4-3 record.

Reality will come crashing down as the Chargers and Rams will probably win; however, the Seahawks could face an Aarron Roger-less Packers on Nov 15th pulling them back to .500.

With 3 more games against Arizona and a Jimmy Garappo-less 49er team, this Seahawks team is just a couple lucky bounces from finishing 8-8 or 9-7. That may not sound impressive; however aside from a couple teams the NFC is pretty miserable. The Hawks need to push to improve and win with their ground and pound formula, who know they may just find the playoffs!?

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