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Super Bowl XLIX: Pregame Jitters

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Seattle Side Up Abraham Profile PicHere we are just an hour away from kickoff!  Two weeks of buildup and hype has the me more thrilled than a termite at a baseball bat factory.

Today we see the the defending world champions Seattle Seahawks versus the best football team over the last 15 years, the New England Patriots.

As I get my beer and sink into my couch, I find that am a bit nervous about a couple things:

  1. Injuries to the Legion of Boom:  As we know, Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas are injured.  But, this week, we learned that Kam Chancellor has a knee injury.  As the guy who is expected to cover Rob Gronkowski, this could be a portent of doom.
  2. The Patriots essentially got off scott-free from “Deflate-gate.”  A part of me, wishes that specter were still hovering over this game, perhaps causing issues with the focus of Tom Brady.
  3. Unfortunately, none of the media or Patriots players have disrespected Doug Baldwin.  I had hoped they would, because an  Angry Doug Baldwin is a dangerous Doug Baldwin.
  4. Finally, I am concerned that Offensive Coordinator Darryl Bevell will get too cute in his game plan.  We can not out-coach Bill Bellechick, we need to continue to do what we do best–run the ball!

Go Hawks!


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