Pete Carroll wins #100 in 28-26 win over Steelers

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This is how is how it works in 2019, the Seattle Seahawks are going to win games. However, every game will be a struggle to find your heart medicine. The Seahawks won again but found the most struggle and pain-inducing manner possible to get there. Your Seattle Seahawks went into Pittsburgh and defeated the Steelers for the 1st time in over 20 years in their hometown by a score of 28-26 and it wasn’t easy.

The game was a tie for the 1st quarter before Steelers RB James Conner scored on a 1 yard dive to put the yellow and black ahead of the Hawks. Halfway thru the 2nd half, Russell Wilson would find TE Will Dissly 14 yards out for the equalizer TD. Dissly and Wilson would connect again in the 2nd half for a 12 yard TD to put the Hawks up 14-10.

Luckily, the Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger left the game due to injury. That is not to say that the Steelers were doomed, as former Oklahoma State QB Mason Rudolph had a nice 2nd half leading Pittsburgh to 2 TDs and a field goal. Luckily, with the game in jeopardy late the Hawks were stout on a 2 point play that could have tied the game.

Give coach Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson credit as the final minutes of the game saw Wilson spring free 3 times to gather 22 yards on the ground to go with his 29-35, 300 yard and 3 TD game. The rushing yards drained the clock and a gutsy 4th and 1 scenario that saw Carroll decide to do a plunge with Chris Carson sealed the deal.

The Seahawks run game found 151 yards on the day but they were brutal carries that saw Rashaad Penny and Carson split the load for 62 and 60 yards a piece. Tyler Lockett would set a personal best with 10 catches in the game for 79 yards. While Pittsburgh put up a stingy defense, the Hawks were able to find 8 different receivers as they showed some new wrinkles that Hawks fans have been craving for.

The Hawks defense did well allowing just 81 yards on 16 carries. And while they stumbled a bit in the 4th quarter, the defense allowed just 187 yards in the air, a great improvement from last week when they allowed over 400.

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