PAX Seattle! James Paxton hurls no-no against Blue Jays

PAX Seattle! James Paxton hurls no-no against Blue Jays

Photo credit: @MLB

Seattle Mariner pitcher James Paxton opened up a 3 game series with a 99 pitch no-hitter against the Toronto Blue Jays. The Canadian Ace just came off a 16 strike out appearance last week and the M’s couldn’t manage the win for him. Today, Pax left nothing to chance as he used 100mph fast balls to extinguish the competition.

As any no-hitter goes Pax did get a little help from his friends as the M’s would score 5 runs and Kyle Seager would make an Adriane Beltre-like save in the 7th inning to keep the good times rolling.

Pax’s became the 1st Canadian to throw a no-hitter on Canadian soil. The lefty’s fast ball was unstoppable tonight as he got stronger throughout the night. On the year, he has averaged 95.4 mph on his fastball, eighth-best among qualified starters and tops among lefties.

Pax has the Mariner’s 6th no-no and becomes the 3rd no-hitter in the MLB joining Sean Manaea of the Athletics and a Dodgers’ combined no-hitter just recently in Mexico.

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