On Notice: I dream of Griffey

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Remember this image?   This is how I remember Ken Griffey Jr; many of you however, remember him fondly as a Mariner.   This article is not intended to bash Ken Griffey Jr. In fact, I am respectful that he went to live closer to his family–it shows his priorities are straight.

What I have a problem with is all of you who vehemently hated the fellow for leaving, then welcomed him with open arms when he came back.  It is you who whined, moaned, and complained for years to me about how terrible he was as a human for spurning the Mariners and now years later not a peep out of any of you.

I find it unfathomable how many Mariners fans turned on the Kid, crucifying him for perceived disloyalty to the franchise.   Turn back the clock and get in the way back machine try and remember back to 1997.  Lo those many years ago the Mariners were good–its true!

For ten years, the Kid gave his all, electrifying the Kingdome and uniting a city.  He was the greatest baseball player that we had ever seen with our own two eyes.  Griffey, desired a new beginning with his young family back east.   By the thousands, people turned on the Kid faster than Judas Iscariot skipping out on a dinner check.

Junior went to Cincinnati, and many of you wished for his utter demise.  Time and injury would do that eventually.  And Griffey, who never had a bad word to say about Seattle, returned.  Lo and behold! All was forgiven?

Perhaps it true that time heals all wounds or is this some desire to return to the glory years?  15 years of terrible baseball perhaps has altered people’s minds, but I still feel the need to call out and place on notice all of you who vehemently denounced and demonized this man.   In retrospect, his reasons were good enough for leaving and many of you overreacted.

And why do I bring this up you ask?  That was close to 20 years ago you say?   Well, I see people hounding other sports stars for what I consider inconsequential reasons.   Short of felonious activity, keep your vicious judgements to what athletes do to their performance on the field.

Abraham DeWeese is an avid local sports fan and a “Man-About-Town” in the Seattle sports scene. He’s a lifelong resident of the Seattle area, living in the beautiful Greenlake neighborhood.


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