Noah Dickerson’s tip in wins game over Wazzu 72-70

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With so many key players to this Washington Huskies team, one player may be the most irreplaceable in senior forward Noah Dickerson. On Saturday, Noah tipped in a missed layup from Jalen Nowell with 25 seconds left in the game to win the rivalry game as UW would go over Washington State University 72-70.

“Dickerson has been big for us. He always has been. Guys have been doing a good job getting him the ball,” Washington coach Mike Hopkins said. “I thought in the first half they doubled and he would pass it out to get wide open 3s. You just have to trust it I know it is a little bit boring but sometimes boring is good.”

Dickerson would score 18 points and grab 10 rebounds in a dominating performance. He would get help as Nowell would score 20 points and Matisse Thybulle, the Huskies all time steals leader would tally 5 more steals to put UW back on the winning track.

The Huskies would go down early as Wazzu’s Marvin Cannon would score 25 and Robert Franks would add 16 (in the game) powering the Cougars to a 45-36 point lead in the 1st half. Time and time again, they broke the UW zone, but the Huskies would correct in the 2nd half.

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