New AquaSox Catcher Carter Bins sits down with SSU

Photo taken by Kevin Clark of the Everett Herald.

Carter Bins is currently the starting catcher for the Everett AquaSox, a single A affiliate for the Seattle Mariners.  Carter Bins was chosen in the 11th round by the Seattle Mariners earlier this month in the Major League Baseball draft.  Carter was rated by as the #134 best prospect in the draft.  For him to go in the 11th round, all major league baseball was wondering if the Seattle Mariners had a chance to sign the Junior starting Catcher from Fresno State.  There were rumors that he might go back to school for his senior year to improve his draft chances.  The Seattle Mariners knew better and made Carter an offer he couldn’t refuse.  Carter Bins signed a contract the equivalent of a 5th round pick and Seattle also promised to pay for him to get his college degree in the off-season, an offer Carter couldn’t refuse! Carter was assigned to the Everett AquaSox and the rest is history.  Seattle Sports Union was fortunate to get the chance to sit down with Carter Bins and discuss his playing career.

SSU: Thank you for taking the time to talk with us Carter.

CB: It is my pleasure.  Thank you for having me.

SSU: Sorry about the loss tonight.  How does one bounce back from this devastating loss?

CB: Thanks.  It was a tough loss.  We had them in the 9th inning but they came back on us.  We will just have to regroup and clean up the mistakes and go at it again tomorrow night.

SSU: What did you think of Damon Casetta-Stubbs this evening?

CB: He was solid this evening.  He was fun to catch tonight.  All his pitches were working, hitting his spots.  We had tons of confidence in Damon tonight. Damon had the confidence in himself why he succeeded tonight on the mound and why he’s a pitcher on the rise.  I believe he even had a no-hitter through 4 innings, quite an achievement alone.  He did an amazing job tonight, just a victim of bad breaks in the 6th inning otherwise his line-score would be much different.  Damon looked good tonight.

SSU: You really did a nice job tonight behind the plate.  You called a great game but what I liked most was how you nailed that guy trying to steal second base.  I believe in the 4th inning?

CB: Thank you.  I appreciate that!

SSU: Where are you from Carter?

CB: I am from Fairfield, California.  It is between Sacramento and San Francisco.

SSU: Where did you go to college?

CB: I went to Fresno State.

SSU: How did you choose Fresno State?  Was it because of Dougie Fister, former major leaguer (joking)?

CB: (LOL) It seemed like the right fit is the reason why I chose Fresno State.  Believe it or not, he called me recently to congratulate me on being picked by the Seattle Mariners.  I didn’t know he was chosen by the Mariners before he told me.  We have been in more contact since.  I also chose Fresno State because of head coach Mike Batesole, and coaches Ryan Overland and Jermaine Clark.

SSU: I heard you won your conference this year, is that true?

CB: Yes, we did.  We won our conference, our conference tournament and we played in the Stanford regionals.  It was the first time in six years that we made the playoffs.

SSU: Tell me one moment of your exciting college career?

CB: It was probably winning the conference. We hadn’t won the conference since 2016, so that was exciting for us.  The fact that we were the number one seed in the conference tournament was only the icing on the cake.  It was a fun year.  We had a slow start, but we came on strong at the right moment.

SSU: How is the adjustment going for you offensively?

CB: It has been a challenge.  Coming from college where we don’t have wood bats to where we do have wood bats.  The pitchers throw much harder with an arsenal of pitches.  I’m adjusting.  It’s still early in the season.

SSU:  How did you become so awesome behind the plate with your defensive skills?

CB: The credit goes to my college coaches, especially Coach Overland.  My entire 3 years at Fresno State they were showing me the importance of defense behind the plate, the calling of strikes and blocking the balls.  I wouldn’t be where I was if it wasn’t for Coach Overland.

SSU: Where was Carter Bins on draft day?  What was your reaction?

CB: It was kind of a 3-day process.  Day one I was playing in the regional.  Day two I was packing in Fresno.  Day 3 I was at my home hanging out.  I went on day 3.  I got the phone call.  I was ecstatic.  I was drafted in 2016 out of high school by Philadelphia so I have previously experienced the thrill of draft day.  I was fulfilling my dream to play in major league baseball.  I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  I am so excited.  I can’t thank my family enough or the coaches that I have worked with over the years.

SSU: Were the Mariners always in touch with you?

CB: To be honest with you, there was no talk about it.  Up until an hour before I was drafted, there was little contact, but they got in touch with my agent and they worked out a deal.  The next thing that happened was I was drafted.  The rest is history.

SSU: What Major Leaguer do you model your game after?

CB: Buster Posey.  I grew up near San Francisco and I was a huge Giant fan.  Buster Posey is an amazing athlete and human being.  I like to think I model my game after him.  I like him for the game he calls behind the plate, he’s great on defense and on offense he can hit the ball.  He’s getting a little older and his legs aren’t the same as it used to be but so what.  Buster Posey is the perfect role model who I admire highly and hope he’s a future hall of famer.

SSU: Great choice in Buster Posey.  He’s a terrific role model.  Where do you see yourself 20 years from now Carter after your big-league career is over?

CB: I can see myself on the beach relaxing after my career is over but that is a long way away from now.  Right now, I hope to just focus on my dream of a major league career if I can.

SSU: What do you think of Everett? What is your favorite stadium to play in besides Funko Field in Everett?

CB: I love Everett and playing in the Pacific Northwest.  It’s very cool to play here.  I am also blessed that I have a wonderful host family to help with this adjustment.  Besides playing here, perhaps in Tennessee.  The atmosphere there and the bigger crowds was quite a thrill.  Playing in Fresno was also an experience I will never forget.  The crowds and the community “the Red Wave”.

SSU: What do you like to do in your free time?

CB: I like the outdoors.  My Dad and I used to go Fishing when we had the time.

SSU: What is your favorite sports movie of all time?

CB: Benchwarmers because of the characters and it is a classic comedy.

SSU: Thank you Carter for taking the time to talk to us, we really appreciate it.

CB: Thank you guys!  Have a good night!

Best of luck to you Carter Bins, not only you are an amazing individual off the field, but you are an incredible athlete.  We are looking forward to watching your career progress.  The Mariners made the right choice in drafting and signing you.  We hope to see you playing for the Mariners in your near future.  Best of luck!

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