Making sense of a meaningless Seahawks 30-19 loss to the Raiders

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This was the week 4 of the NFL playoffs in what could easily be called the “irrelevant bowl.” But for many Seahawks on the cusp of a job, this is not an irrelevant game. Battles for backup positions abound and here are a few to keep an eye on as we enter the final cuts this Labor Day weekend.


Austin Davis and Alex McGough each got ½ a game to show their wares. With the acquisition of Brett Hundly from Green Bay, many thought we would see him in the Seahawks Blue and Green; however, this game was geared to pair off the original backups and see who sticks.

Austin Davis would go 13-20 for 194 yards and a TD while McGough would get 12-23 and 131 yards and a TD. I give the edge to McGough as he also accrued 31 yards on the ground and would fit perfectly on the practice squad.  I am afraid the die were cast and Davis is out.

Running back

This game was the “keep Mike Davis show.”  With 9 carries and 45 yards, Davis proved he belongs on this team. He is the power, change of pace back that the Hawks need and seeing him cut seems unlikely.

Wide Receiver

Fact: the Seahawks will keep just 5 receivers on the squad. Fact: this week solved nothing. Basically, Tyler Lockett and Doug Baldwin are set, but who will take the other 3 spots?  David Moore, Malik Turner, Damorea Stringfellow Jaron Brown, Caleb Scott have all shown big play ability as each have had plays of over 45 yards. That discounts however Cyial Grayson, Keenan Reynolds and Marcus Johnson who have tremendous upside as well as Brandon Marshall who is the sentimental favorite and Amara Darboah who was drafted in the 3rd round in 2017 and remains and enigma. Stringfellow looked pretty slick but who knows if anything was solved this evening.

Offensive line

Another strong outing by the offensive line was evident with the exception of Isaac Battle. With 2 holding penalties and another injury, one has to feel sorry for this kid whose career is in jeopardy to bad luck.

Defensive line

There wasn’t much push by the defensive line in the passing game. They looked solid against the run; however, there was just 1 sack (by a linebacker) and there were not too many hurries. This bodes ill for the Hawks this season. It could be that the loss of Cliff Avril and Michael Bennet may derail their efforts this year.


Austin Calitro and Shaqueem Griffin were everywhere tonight. Each of them have a nose for the ball as Calitro got a sack and Griffin lead the team yet again in tackles. The unfortunate part is that they may be in competition with each other for that last linebacker job.

Defensive backs

Bad news, the Hawks got burned for 3 passing TDs. This is definitely not the Legion of Boom team of years past. Most likely Byron Maxwell is losing his job to either  Dontae Johnson or Tre Flowers and it is obvious there is no replacement for Earl Thomas. Set your expectations now – if you haven’t already – that the pass defense is average to below-average now.

Special teams

Oddly enough Sebasian Janakowski missed 2 extra points. I call this an aberration. His 2 decades of experience will over come this. Punter Michael Dickson impresses yet again with more monster boots and another pin inside the 20.

The kick return game featured Cyril Greyson in the return game, but a side from a good kick return, it is evident Tyler Lockett will keep his job there.


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