Josh Latimer: The Next Young Phenom!

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A focused Josh Latimer in a recent game.  (Photo from Facebook)

Sometimes a young phenom comes along that goes unnoticed and that certain someone doesn’t get the recognition that they deserved.  Josh Latimer is that certain someone.  Josh grew up in the great northwest and has been a baseball player his entire life.  He grew up in the state of Washington and has made an impact in the American Pastime in the game we all fell in love with, called baseball.  Just to share, in one baseball game over the summer, Josh threw 7 innings while leading his team to victory.  Josh gave up 0 runs and threw 60 strikes and only 22 balls. In another game at a tournament in Arizona, Josh pitched a complete game allowing 0 runs on only 72 pitches (56 for strikes). He made all first team conference his last year in high school as a pitcher and 2nd team as a utility player.  Josh also made all first team conference with the Everett Herald.  These are only a few of his amazing achievements in his young career.  Seattle Sports Union came across this young phenom and knew we had someone special here, someone that we wanted to share with our readers and those unfamiliar with the talent in the state of Washington.  Josh recently finished his high school career and will be playing with Edmonds Community College starting in the fall.  Seattle Sports Union recently sat down with this young man and got to know a little bit about Josh Latimer.

SSU: How are you?  It is such a pleasure to meet you and get the opportunity to talk to you.  Thank you to you and your Father for making the time for me today.  

JL: You are so welcome.  Thank you.  I am truly excited for the chance to talk with you.

SSU:  First of all, how old are you?  Are you really attending Edmonds Community College already?  How can that be?

JL: Believe it or not, I am only 17.  Even though this was my last season in high school ball, I have been doing running start for the last two years at Edmonds C.C.  I am studying to become a mechanical engineer.  Perhaps one day I can use my degree and go work for Boeing!

SSU: Good for you.  I am impressed.  Keep up the great work Josh.  When did you start playing baseball?

JL: I believe I started playing when I was around five.  I have always loved baseball.  I used to play with my older brother when I was growing up.  My family has always had an impact in my love for baseball.  I have always been a pitcher, but I have also played 3b and other positions over the years.  Pitching has always been my strength.  When I was around the age of ten, I started to get noticed more so I was asked to play with the bigger kids, the leagues where they are more competitive.  I haven’t missed an all-star summer league team in years.

SSU: Let’s talk about your pitching Josh.  How many pitches do you currently throw?  Are you a fast worker on the mound?  What is your technique and how fast do you throw?

JL: I currently have three pitches I throw, a fastball, curve ball and change-up.  When I’m on the mound I like to mess with the batter’s minds.  For example, when I get ahead in the count if they think the next pitch might be coming, I might step off the mound.  If they think I might be going inside, I might throw one low and outside perhaps.  Either way, I have always taught myself to mess with these hitters’ mentality and I like to think I have been successful.  As for my velocity, my fastball is currently a consistent 84-86 mph.  My curve ball is 72-73 mph and my change-up is 76-78 mph.  As I get older and continue to work on my conditioning, I know that my velocity will increase with the proper coaching that I continue to get.

SSU: Quite impressive, thank you for sharing Josh.  You played for Lynnwood High School, including the last two seasons on varsity as a pitcher and 3B.  Your statistics were phenomenal!  Josh Latimer was ranked 7th in the state his senior year in pitching, quite an achievement.  Josh played in 19 games as a 3b and a pitcher.  He pitched 50 innings allowing only 4 earned runs.  Josh’s ERA was an eye-popping 0.56.  Josh Latimer struck out 77 out of 182 batters faced and won 4 games.  Would you care to comment?

JL: I was blessed to play for a great team when I played at Lynnwood High School.  My first two years I played JV and my last two years as varsity where I came into my own.  I had great coaching and great teammates that surrounded me.  My stats were great but if it weren’t for my team, I may not have been so fortunate.

SSU: Let’s talk about Josh Latimer, the human being.  How are your grades?  Do you drive, and if so what kind of vehicle?  How tall are you?

JL: I maintained a 3.9 G.P.A. in high school and I currently have a 3.85 G.P.A. in college.  I do drive and I have a 2001 Toyota Corolla which I drive to school every day.  I am 6 foot 5 and I believe 225.

SSU:  Wow.  Nicely done with your grades.  Keep it up!  What else do you like to do?  I know you have a strong faith in God.  Care to talk about it?

JL: I have strong faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  I play guitar in my spare time at church and with my friends.  I also like to play video games with them for fun.  Boating is another hobby of mine.  We love to go boating in the summertime, including in the San Juan Islands!

SSU: Tell me your favorite stadiums you have played in?

JL: I have probably many, but one that stands out is Funko Field at Everett Memorial Stadium.

SSU: Do you have and favorite memories playing the game over your young career?  I know you got to have some from the research I found on the internet. 

JL: Great question.  Tough question.  Perhaps the perfect game I threw last year during summer ball.  I pitched a perfect game in July of 2018 at Wheeler Field when I was 16 years old.  We were playing at the college showcase tournament at Borst Park in Centralia, Washington.  After the game, when we were on the way home, we got multiple calls from colleges on the way home.  That was cool 😊.  That memory is the one that stands out.

SSU: I’m guessing you were a Mariner fan growing up?  Do you care to share?  Is there a Major League Ballplayer that you model your game after?

JL: I loved the Mariners growing up and I still do.  Felix Hernandez was perhaps my favorite Mariner though I loved Randy Johnson as well.  All the old school Mariners like the Ken Griffey Jr, and Jay Buhner (I’m sure you know where I’m going with this) I loved as well.  I like to think I master my game after Justin Verlander of the Houston Astros.  We both throw right-handed with a lot of velocity and other similarities.

SSU: Last, but not least.  You have been playing competitively with Rijo Athletics 18 and under team.  What is Rijo Athletics?

JL: Yes, I played for their select team, only the best of the best play there.  They travel all over the northwest and up/down the west coast playing competitively against the elite baseball teams.  They train us to be the best of the best at their facilities with top-notch coaches.  It’s year-round coaching/training from them including what to eat, how to exercise (including lifting weights).  They don’t tell you your stats during the season, but they continue to coach you and teach you no matter how well you might be doing.  At any time, if you need to work on your game, their facilities are always open.  It has been a great experience that I want to give out to all my coaches and teammates.  I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for them as well.  It’s been a blessing to work with them and to compete with the best of the best.

SSU: When you retire from baseball in 20 years, how do you want to be remembered? 

JL: I just want to be remembered as a great teammate.  I want my coaches and teammates to say how shy and reserved I was but how they appreciated those qualities of mine and how they related to my work on the ball field.  God blessed me with incredible talent, and I hope I can share that with others.

SSU:  Thank you Josh for taking a moment out of your busy schedule to sit down and tell us about the life of Josh Latimer.  You are an impressive young man and we hope your story gets out there to others.  You are already off to an impressive start with all those who surround you that include your folks, your family and friends and especially the man upstairs, God!  Edmonds C.C. has an amazing ballplayer and human being joining their program in the fall.  Whether it’s UDUB or W.S.U or Seattle University, someone will be reaching out to you soon and showing your professional career to the world.  Best of luck to you with your future.  Seattle Sports Union hopes to get the invite one day to when you pitch at T-Mobile park or wherever it might be.  Thanks again. 

JL: Thank you!!  It was nice meeting you.  Take care and will be looking forward to reading the interview 😊.


Josh will start baseball at Edmonds C.C. in the fall.  Seattle Sports Union will post updates of how he and the team are doing.  If you are a fan of baseball and you live locally, please go out and watch them play.  Whether it is college baseball or summer league baseball, if you love baseball then this is your opportunity to see some talent.  Best of luck to you Josh Latimer, future phenom from the state of Washington.  You deserve the opportunity wherever the road might lead!

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