Jean…Jean the hit machine gets the final selection to the All-Star Game

photo credit: Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Jean Segura will be headed to the MLB All-Star game as a representative for the Seattle Mariners. Jean had to earn it the hard way for his 2nd All-Star appearance as he had to be elected in with a final ballot vote.

Jean is the first Mariner to be nominated and the first to win as a apart of the final vote. The win may have been helped by a full court press on marketing by his teammates and fans who unleashed a barrage on social media with the #sendsegura hashtag.

In his second season as an M, Segura has been called upon to be the leader of this squad as they lost Robinson Cano for 80 games due to suspension. Witha .329 batting average, 7 homers, 14 stolen bases, and stellar defense, Jean has vaulted the Mariners to playoff contention.

“To be honest, it surprised me,” Segura said of the groundswell of support he’d been getting. “I feel really good. I feel proud the way my teammates have supported me along with the fans in Seattle, the media, the organization. It’s really good support.”

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