Heading into this Redskins game, where are our Seahawks?

Seahawks tight end Jimmy Graham with game winning TD grab against Texans in 41-38 victory in CenturyLink Field (Mike Siegel / The Seattle Times)
Seahawks tight end Jimmy Graham with game winning TD grab against Texans in 41-38 victory in CenturyLink Field (Mike Siegel / The Seattle Times)

Heading into this Redskins game, where are our Seahawks?

Are the Seahawks really the team to beat? It may be easy to find yourself riding high on the Seattle Seahawks after their exciting victory on Sunday versus the Houston Texans. The team put up 40 points for the second time this season (Colts). For the second time in as many weeks, and for the fourth time on the year, the Seahawks produced over 400 yds of offense.

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You want more? Ok. Russell Wilson has over 2000 passing yds and currently sits at 6th in the NFL, just edged out of the top 5 by Ben Roethlisberger. His QB rating is 100.4, and he’s 15/4 on TD/INT. Seattle sits at the 3rd spot in Passing yards per game (272.7) Some might see these facts as a reason to be comfortable or content, but just a little objectivity will bring the truth to light.


Seattle has managed to earn a 5-2 record through the first half of the season. A mere 2 games behind Philadelphia in the NFC. It’s hard to complain from that perspective. But Seattle has only one quality win this season (honorable mention to the Texans game), and that was going into LA and beating the Rams. But if Cooper Kupp’s arms were an inch longer, Seattle would be 4-3 and off the radar. The still winless 49ers, a woeful Colts, and a very sad Giants team make up 3 of Seattle’s 4 other wins. Then there’s the Texans game.


While this game was hotly contested and wildly entertaining, the fact is the Seahawks’ #1 ranked defense allowed a young, inexperienced rookie QB to come into their house and toss the ol’pigskin around like it was Thanksgiving afternoon. If that’s not bad enough, the Seattle running game hit absolute ROCK BOTTOM!

Seattle Seahawks running back Chris Carson breaks off a 15 yard run against the Kansas City Chiefs (Photo Dean Rutz / The Seattle Times)

As a team, the Seahawks rushed for 33 pitiful yards. 30 of those same yards were gained on 4 scrambles by Russell Wilson. Is there a mathematician in the house? That’s a grand total of 3 yards gained between J.D. McKissic, Eddie Lacy, Thomas Rawls, and Tyler Lockett. Want some more math? On 17 carries between them, that’s .17 yards per carry. That’s right! Less than two tenths of a yard. That’s 6 inches per carry, if you want to get precise.

That simply will not do; there is no Chris Carson; where will we find salvation?  The addition of Duane Brown at LT should help, at the very least, in the passing game. With any luck, the added skill on the O-line will free up some running room as well. But make no mistake. With Wilson dropping back nearly 50 times in a game, and literally no running game to support, the current Seahawks are 1 whiffed Jimmy Graham block away from #3 lying in the dirt, along with the season.

Born in Bremerton. Raised on Seahawks football!
Robert English has been a 12 since the 80s. Currently living in San Diego, Robert reps the Hawks even louder,just to make sure they hear all the way to CenturyLink!


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