Having a Word with Hurd: Behind the Scenes with Redhawks Star Player Dalton Hurd

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Dalton Hurd is the starting CF for the Seattle University Redhawks. The senior outfielder is from Bend, Oregon and he is a 4-year starter for the Redhawks. He plays solid defense and is a top-notch hitter for the Redhawks and he stands only 5’9″. Dalton Hurd has been a man on a mission from day one in 2015 and has been a non-stop hitting machine. Dalton is proving that someone with his size and strength can succeed at this level of his career. Seattle Sports Union recently had the opportunity to sit down with this young star after the Redhawks just finished their season, closing out his 4-year career.

Seattle Sports Union: Thank you Dalton for taking the time to talk with us today. Now that your college career is over, what is going on in the mind of Dalton Hurd?

Dalton Hurd: Now that my college career is over, I’m just trying to finish strong with my academic career. Other than that, the MLB draft starts on Monday , but I’m trying not to think about it too much. Everything is how it is at this point and there isn’t much that I can control.

SSU: I read online about you all the time but I want to hear it from Dalton Hurd himself, so please tell me a little bit about yourself. Where did you grow up? When did you start playing ball? Have you always been an outfielder? If not, what positions have you played throughout your playing career?

DH: I grew up in Bend, Oregon. I started playing as soon as I could around 4 or 5 years old. I fell in love with the game from an early age. I have played pretty much every position throughout my career and made the stay in outfield when my freshman year of college rolled around.

SSU: Did you have a favorite MLB team growing up? Who is your favorite MLB player? Is there a current MLB player you model your game after?

DH: My favorite team when I was growing up was the Seattle Mariners. My Dad took me to a Seattle Mariners game when I was young and we both became instant fans. My favorite player today is Mike Trout of the Angels. The MLB player I model my game after I feel is Mookie Betts of the Boston Red Sox. This is because we both have a similar build and athleticism. Mike Trout and Mookie Betts are truly great role models of the game of baseball.

SSU: How did you choose Seattle University?

DH: The reason why I went with Seattle U was because of the trust I had in the head coach and the fact I got to play in the city of Seattle and it’s surroundings. I loved playing and living in Seattle.

SSU: I am sure you have had many memories with the Seattle University Redhawks! Would you mind sharing with me one of your favorite baseball memories with the Redhawks? One more thing, you broke many Redhawks records in your 4 years which is pretty cool. Is there a particular record that you broke, that Dalton Hurd might have said ‘Wow, I can’t believe I broke that record!”

DH: My favorite memory is when I hit a walk-off single in the 2016 WAC tourney to beat Sacramento State. That was fun!! The biggest surprise was the home run record that I broke this season. I’ve always been told I shouldn’t be able to hit for power because of my size and look what I achieved!

SSU: Seattle University was a great team to watch this season for many reasons. The enthusiasm was there from pregame until the final game. You and your team were a true definition of teamwork. Whether you were ahead or behind, the team was rooting each other on. The coaches were amazing. It was fun too see how in sync you all were. Would you care to comment about your teammates?

DH: Playing for Seattle University was an experience I will never forget. It was a privilege being a part of this team and this organization. We are all like family. They make it really easy to have fun every day.

SSU: We have the baseball draft coming up this Monday June 4th. I know you said you are trying to keep your mind off of it but we all know you will be drafted on day one (they would be insane to bypass your name). Do you have any thoughts you want to share about the MLB draft? I know MLB has noticed you from things I have read on the internet and to those in baseball that I have talked to. Do you plan on watching the draft with friends or is Dalton Hurd going to do his every day routine and wait for the phone call?

DH: Well, I am just hoping to get a chance to be drafted on any of these days. I will probably spend my time with my roommates because they will be a part of the MLB draft as well. I am just looking forward to getting a phone call whenever that may be. The draft itself is very unpredictable, so I am just excited for that chance.

SSU: Many ballplayers have superstitions. Do you have any superstitions? Have you thought of what your walk-up music might be? If so, would you care to share that information? What does Dalton Hurd want to be doing 20 years from now when his playing career is over?

DH: That first question is easy, I have no superstitions. As for walk-up music, I love all types of music so I change it all the time. So I’m not sure what it will be to be honest with you. 20 years from now I hope to be around the game of baseball in some capacity. I would also like to spend a lot of time traveling and seeing the world.

SSU: What is your favorite baseball movie of all time and why?

DH: There are lots of great baseball movies but the one that I love most is The Rookie!

SSU: Thank you Dalton for taking the time to interview with us! Seattle Sports Union will be watching the draft next week and looking for you name as well as your teammates. We are so proud of you no matter what happens. I know we will always be rooting for you no matter where you end up. Best of luck to you Dalton Hurd!

Dalton Hurd is ready for the next level. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Thank you for 4 amazing years at Seattle University. You are an amazing truly blessed with talent. Whatever happens next week, that MLB team will be getting a true gem. #TogetherWeSoar Dalton Hurd. Best of luck to you and your teammates next week and we can’t wait until we see you playing for some lucky MLB team this summer and for years to come.

Go Redhawks!

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