Focus on the Frogs: An in-depth interview with the Honeyman they call Bobby!

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Bobby Honeyman is currently the third baseman for the Everett AquaSox who just ended their 2018 regular season and are headed to the Northwest League playoffs. He was drafted in the 29th round out of Stony Brook University by the Seattle Mariners. Though he was left off the All-Star team, he currently was awarded as the best 3b overall for the 2018 season. He finished the season with 79 hits and batted .346, finishing 2nd in the race for the NWL batting title. With that said, Bobby also had 19 extra base-hits and 29 RBIs. Bobby’s on base percentage was .383 and his slugging percentage was just a measly .460. To top it off, Bobby had an OPS of .830. For playing only 58 games and being a 29th round pick, AquaSox nation was blessed to see an amazing player during the summer of 2018.

When Bobby was a kid, he grew up liking the New York Yankees. His favorite player at the time was Derek Jeter, though he admired many MLB players. According to Bobby’s parents, he mimics the playing style of Jeter with his throws across the diamond along with his footwork and arm motion. Some favorite memories of Bobby’s parents when he was younger are as follows: As a kid, Bobby hit his first home run in Cooperstown Dreams Park. As a little league player Bobby pitched in the Long Island finals to get them to State! It was a completely wild ride for the entire community of Massapequa, New York. To this day, Bobby has remained friends with his little league team, a group that was super tight and almost every one of them went on to play college ball. When Bobby was a sophomore in college, he hit a walk-off home run on his birthday to win the game 1-0 in the bottom of the 9th inning. He also had a walk-off single in the American East Conference championships as a Junior at Stony Brook. Bobby went 7-7 against the University of Maine his senior year in college, a favorite memory of his Father. Bobby’s parents are incredibly proud of him as a ballplayer but even more as a person and we appreciate the chance to talk with them. Recently Seattle Sports Union had the opportunity to sit down with Bobby and ask him a few questions about his playing career.

SSU: First, Bobby, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you. Congratulations on your recent award from the NWL. You had a great game today, nice job! How is the season going for you Bobby?

BH: Thank you for the nice compliments and the season is going great for me. I can’t complain at all.

SSU: So, from what I read, you are from New York. If you don’t mind me asking, how do you pronounce the name of the city where you grew up in.

BH: It’s not a problem at all. It’s pronounced Massapequa -“mass-uh-PEAK-wuh.” Though I never asked, I later discovered that the city was named for a Native American designation for the area.

SSU: When did Bobby Honeyman start playing baseball?

BH: I started playing as far I can remember, when I was able to start walking. My family played for a long time, so there was a steady influence of baseball in our household. I was always playing with them whenever we had the opportunity, so I believe I was 3 or 4 years old.

SSU: Have you always played infield?

BH: I have always pretty much played infield mainly, I did play a little outfield and pitched, but playing infield was usually where my coaches had me.

SSU: Tell me a little about high school ball? From what I read Bobby Honeyman made All-State?=

BH: yes, I did make all-state. I played with a great group of guys my entire high-school career, many went on to play college ball and some even got drafted into the pros.

SSU: I hear you are an amazing golfer? Is this true? What is your handicap?

BH: I love to golf, and I did well on the golf team in high school. My handicap is a 4 or a 5. I plan on playing a lot of golf in the off-season. It’s a great way for me to relax.

SSU: Why did you choose Stony Brook? Did you consider other colleges or were they the one?

BH: Stony Brook was always on my radar from the start. I really wanted to play close to home, and they gave me the opportunity. In fact, I committed to playing at Stony Brook in the 10th grade.

SSU: Can you share us some memories from playing at Stony Brook?

BH: I played with a great group of friends there and made lots of life-long friends. My freshman year we made regionals which was a big moment for me. Playing almost daily when you are a freshman was rare and provided a great opportunity for me and an amazing experience I will never forget. Playing for Stony Brook just made me a lot better player in general.

SSU: What was Stony Brook’s nickname?

BH: The Seawolves.

SSU: What is a Seawolf?

BH: Just a wolf I guess. I really don’t know what it is lol!

SSU: How come you are such a great hitter? Does it come natural to you?

BH: It really didn’t come natural to me. I struggled for 2-3 years during my college career. During my junior year I played summer ball and one of my coaches made an adjustment in my swing. Ever since, things got better for me. I learned a lot from that one summer. I also have been working a lot here in Everett with Coach Farris on my swing. He has been a huge help and has made me even better.

SSU: From what I researched, you seem to be a ballplayer who likes to hit triples all the time. In college you were on the career list and now you have done the same here in Everett. Why is that Bobby?

BH: Ha, ha! It just means I can’t hit enough home runs (Lol) or hit them far enough for a home run.

SSU: What was your major in college and what will you do with your degree 20 years from now when you retire from baseball?

BH: I majored in Business Marketing and have no clue what I will do. Hopefully 20 years from now I won’t have to use it.

SSU: Where were you on draft day and what was your reaction?

BH: I was at my house sitting in my room by my computer watching the draft when the Mariners called. I was very thrilled when I got the call, but I was always extremely nervous leading up to the phone call because they were getting deeper into the draft and I still hadn’t heard anything.

SSU: Did you know the Mariners were looking at you?

BH: I got a text from a Mariner scout during our conference tournament telling me that they were interested but after that I didn’t hear from them until they called me a few minutes before they announce the pick.

SSU: What are the Mariners plans with you: Do they play on keeping you at 3b or possibly moving you over to 2b?

BH: It doesn’t matter to me. I will move anywhere on the diamond if they want me too. I don’t have a preference.

SSU: You are amazing at defense? Today you made some great stops out there. Did this come natural to you Bobby?

BH: Appreciate the compliment. At Stony Brook I learned how to become who I am on defense. Stony Brook took pride in their pitching and defense and instilled that in all their ballplayers from day one. We always had a top 5 program in defense and fielding percentage when I was playing there. It was how we won ballgames.

SSU: I hear you have some athletes in your family. Didn’t your Dad play college football, and did he continue after college? I also saw that your Uncle played pro ball with the Detroit Tigers? If you don’t mind, will you please elaborate a little.

BH: My dad did play college football but stopped after college. He went on to become a cop. My great-uncle did play for the Detroit Tigers organization as a pitcher. His name was James Dietz.

SSU: What was your first reaction when you arrived in Everett, Washington?

BH: I had no clue what to expect. I have never really been on the west coast b4 I came out here. I really enjoy it here. It reminded me of when I played college summer ball in Canada my sophomore year. Lots of similarities.

We were briefly interrupted during the interview by autograph seekers. Bobby was very professional and signed for them. We could see other fans waiting to meet him as after a short break we continued.

SSU: Are you excited for the playoffs Bobby?

BH: Yes, I am quite excited. I wish we could play two games here instead of one though. The reason for that is because of high-school games previously scheduled.

SSU: How was the transition from college ball to minor league professional baseball?

BH: I really didn’t have to make any adjustments at all. It was a pretty easy transition. It’s still the same game as when I was a kid and that’s how it should be. There are minor adjustments along the way but you as a ballplayer just got to remember to make that happen to be successful.

SSU: The season is nearly over. Can you tell me one memory you have here in your 1st year of minor league ball?

BH: I will never forget my first game here. I was so nervous. In fact, on the very first time the ball was hit to me I threw the ball away from the first baseman for an error. It’s a learning experience baseball and I am fortunate where I am. My teammates are amazing. We all seem to click, and I have made many life-long friends. My manager Jose Moreno has a huge influence on me. He’s a hard worker who takes pride in all of us. I really like him a lot.

SSU: Thank you for taking the time in talking with us today. One last question. What is your favorite sports movie of all time?

BH: Remember the Titans!

Best of luck to you Bobby in your quest for the championship and your climb in major league baseball. The Mariners have found a true gem in Bobby Honeyman. Sounds like you are on the right track.

Go Frogs!

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