Fantasy Baseball: Top 10…ish Catchers of 2015

Aarron’s Fantasy Phantasmagoria:

Top 10… 11 Catchers of 2015

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The gift of catchers is the curse of catches. They are the enduring turtles upon which the team runs.
They are the generals and their skills are many, their impact tremendous, but their visibility is often mitigated. In Major League Baseball the best require great intelligence, compelling charisma, nimble reflexes, Herculean endurance, and the prescient wisdom to adapt their team to the vagaries of opponent, umpire, and weather.

But ladies and gentlemen, we all know that our requirements as Fantasy Heroes and doom-bringers are a bit different.

Sure, we need them to be competent as a team’s incarnation of Alexander the Great… but if they call the splitter that hits the mascot? I can but shrug. If they call the outfield in on a batter who has a lifetime 30% line drive record? I’ll chuckle at the early Xmas gift they just delivered.

What I care about is the catcher whose knees and back can last 140 games. I need them to be zen-like in focus and transition from predicting pitches to catch, to tattooing them into the gap. Give me power and give me reliability. Or, at the least, give me predictability.

As catchers are a team’s bedrock in MLB, they are all too often the albatross on fantasy teams. As such, choose your catchers wisely. Understanding your weakest link and providing a solid floor for your team is too often neglected by would-be crowned heads of fantasy.

Here then, is my gift to you: The 2015 Top 10 Catchers*.

  Auction cost H/AB Runs HR RBI Steals Average
Buster Posey SF – C,1B $22 170/547 72 22 89 0 0.311
Carlos Santana Cle – C,1B,3B $15 125/541 68 27 85 5 0.231
Devin Mesoraco Cin – C $12 105/384 54 25 80 1 0.273
Jonathan Lucroy Mil – C,1B $10 176/585 73 13 69 4 0.301
Evan Gattis Hou – C $9 97/369 41 22 52 0 0.263
Yan Gomes Cle – C $7 135/485 61 21 74 0 0.278
Salvador Pérez KC – C $7 150/578 57 17 70 1 0.26
Yasmani Grandal – C $0 85/377 47 15 49 3 0.225
Yadier Molina StL – C $7 114/404 40 7 38 1 0.282
Brian McCann NYY – C,1B $4 115/495 57 23 75 0 0.232
Wilin Rosario Col – C $2 102/382 46 13 54 1 0.267

* Stats are from 2014 campaigns, while position eligibility and auction costs are derived from Yahoo Fantasy Baseball projections for 2015 drafts

Head of the Class

Posey is the clear top candidate, hopefully to no one’s surprise. A true four-category performer at a position where you usually hope to just not suck too much.

Splitting Hairs

Santana is once again a sneaky catcher to add as he’s projected to start and stay at third base this season. Let the dividends be reaped! I’m also feeling very bullish with Mesoraco. The extreme damage he managed in just 384 plate appearances does make one salivate at the prospects for a full season behind the plate. If his young knees can give us another 100 at-bats, he could hit 30 homers and 90 RBI’s. Lucroy has earned his spot in this tier by having a reliable and respectable fantasy floor. The rest flows as one might expect given talent and teams.

Wild Card

The one surprise I have for you is Yasmni Grandal. He’s the beast from Havana and is the first player in MLB history to hit home runs in his first two at bats in the majors from both sides of the plate in 2012. But then he tested high for testosterone and was suspended for 50 games. Then he hurt his knee. Last year, though, he stayed healthy and showed some good growth in offense and defense. He’s also 26 years old and should be hitting his prime power/speed years. The capper for me is that he’s been traded from the hitters’ doom of Petco Park to the definite upgrade of Dodger Stadium. In drafts, he’s considered a lowly pickup because of unsophisticated eyes and pedestrian palates. Frankly, if I don’t land any of the top five catchers, I’m going to probably reach for Grandel and let him turn a potential goat of a position into a Grendel and devour my enemies.

Happy Hunting!

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