Everett AquaSox: Frog hopping like new with influx of new players

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Everett AquaSox First Baseman Evan White debuts in his first game at home in Everett. (Photo Credit: SSU/Kevin Kapanowski)

This week debuted the new influx of talent into the Everett AquaSox from the MLB Draft. Typically the roster here at Everett is filled with these players to begin the season, but this year with the MLB Draft occurring 2 weeks later than normal there was an unusual roster upheaval.

A large portion of the team that began the season on the roster has since been reassigned, to make room for these newly signed players. Seven pitchers, two catchers, two infielders and two outfielders, totaling 13 players overall have joined the squad.

Among them are several of the early round draft picks made by the Seattle Mariners. Evan White, the first round pick out of the University of Kentucky debuted Wednesday at DH. He’ll be primarily playing at first base this season, his native position. Third round pick Wyatt Mills out of Gonzaga University has joined the pitching staff, as well as intriguing outfield prospect Billy Cooke out of Coastal Carolina University. Cooke joins what looks like will be a powerful outfield already with Brayan Hernandez and Greifer Andrade and Austin Grebeck out there already.

Proving the very fluid nature of minor league rosters even further, Billy Cooke and Johnny Slater have already been moved up the rung to Clinton.

Overall it’s looking like a very strong group of players this season, with a strong second half definitely a potential like 2016. With a strong outfield leading the way, a deep bullpen and some solid gloves in the infield this should be quite the team to watch!

Pitchers added: 

Randy Bell (University of South Alabama)

Seth Elledge (Dallas Baptist University)

David Hesslink (Massachusetts IT)

Oliver Jaskie (University of Michigan)

Wyatt Mills (Gonzaga University)

Steve Ridings (Peoria AZL)

JP Sears (Citadel)


David Bannuelos (Long Beach State University)

Troy Dixon (St Johns University)


Johnny Adams (Boston College)

Evan White (University of Kentucky)


Billy Cooke (Coastal Carolina University)

Johnny Slater (University of Michigan)

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