And thier name is the Kraken! Welcome your new Seattle NHL team

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After years of deliberation, the Seattle NHL franchise settled on a nickname and the eventual winner was the “Kraken.” The Kraken is a mythical cephalopod from ancient Scandinavian mythology. It was made famous in the 1981 with the Ray Harryhausen special effects blockbuster “Clash of the Titans.”

The Kraken evokes the maritime nature of the city of Seattle and the power of a beast that could swallow up ancient Mariners (no we are not talking about Harold Reynolds) in one gigantic gulp.

Many other great options were bandied about such as (my personal favorite) the Sockeye and the Steelheads. As well, as callbacks to prior teams such as the Totems and Metropolitans. All were fine selections but many provided logistical problems that could easily be argued in the comments section of this post.

The Kraken become the 32nd NHL team and will employ a color scheme of icy blue, navy blue, and red.  Good or bad, it doesn’t matter the NHL team is finally here. And with that, a professional winter sport returns to Seattle after the horrible political mess that saw the Supersonics ownership short sell a team down the river to parts unknown.

While, I personally will never forgive the ownership or the politicians for the gross mismanagement of our former basketball team, it is good to get some semblance of winter sports in Seattle. As horrible as 2020 has been, it is good for some sports news to brighten our day.

“I think that we felt like this is so authentic and noble, and we hit all the main things that we really wanted that we feel really strongly that this is the right choice,” Heidi Dettmer, Seattle’s vice president of marketing, told The Associated Press. “I’ve totally fallen in love with this brand and I think our fans will.”


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