100th clash find Sounders falling to Timbers 1-0

100th clash find Sounders falling to Timbers 1-0

photo credit Max Aquino

It does not appear if the Seattle Sounders will get any bragging rights on this landmark day as the Portland Timbers would find an 86th minute chipped shot from Sebastion Blanco that woudl win the day for the rivals to the south.

The game was chippy in fact as the Sounders and Timbers traded yellow cards early in the match on equally egregious tackles. Jordy Delem was tagged for a yellow as were a couple of Timbers players. The game could have easily seen 3 red cards.

“It’s a tough loss. Tough pill to swallow. I think the guys put everything into the game. Look, the goal was a well-crafted goal, I’ll give them some credit. Blanco was a good finish. But I thought there were some times in the game we had the upper hand. Second half was back-and-forth. It’s disappointing, disappointing to lose that late in the game, disappointing to lose to Portland. Simple as that.”

The Sounders lacked many of their star players as injuries have ravaged this team. Ozzie Alonso, Jordan Morris, Roman Torres, Nico Lodeiro, and Will Bruin were notably absent. As such the Sounders reused a 5-4-1 look as they did on Wednesday. This time Clint Dempsey made the start; however, there just wasn’t much offense as expected from this defensive look.

The Seattle/Portland rivalry goes back all the way to 1975 and the old NASL days. The Sounders have the MLS advantage with a record of 9-6-6 but the Timbers have as of late been unbeatable at home.

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